On Friday 25.02.2022, the 31st General Assembly of the Cyprus Rectors’ Conference was convened by Neapolis University Pafos, which presided the Conference.
Among the items on the agenda was an overview of the manner in which the educational process was conducted by the Universities during the pandemic in the current academic period and the planning for the completion of the academic year was discussed. Issues were also discussed, which concern the development of the research activities of the Universities in accordance with the efforts of Research and Innovation Foundation (RIF) to increase the resources available in the Republic for research and innovation as well as issues related to the reform of the framework for granting state scholarships by the Cyprus State Scholarship Foundation.
Furthermore, the President of the Cyprus Rectors’ Conference during the two years 2019-2021 Prof. Pantelis Sklias, focused on the critical issues, which the Conference was called to address, the most important of which was the successful response to the consequences of the pandemic with credibility and academic adequacy in the educational process with the excellent cooperation of the institutions of the State, but also the participation of the Universities in its efforts to deal with and mitigate the consequences of the crisis in the Cypriot society.
The contribution of the Conference was also significant in full consultation and cooperation with the Cyprus Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education (CYQAA) and the Cyprus Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth, for the handling and resolution of matters related to the Hellenic National Academic Recognition and Information Centre (DOATAP).
The session of the 31st General Assembly was completed with the election of the new Presidency of the Conference for the next two years, which was formed by Prof. Panagiotis Zafeiris, Rector of the Cyprus University of Technology (TEPAK) as President, Prof. Pannikos Poutziouris, Rector of the University of Central Lancashire (Uclan Cyprus) as Vice President and Prof. Filippos Pougioutas, Rector of the University of Nicosia as Secretary.

Prof. Pantelis Sklias, Rector of Neapolis University Pafos and President of the Cyprus Rectors’ Conference participated in the 96th Synod of the Hellenic Universities’ Rectors, which was held online on 21-23 April 2021.

Prof. Pantelis Sklias greeted the participants on behalf of the members of the Cyprus Rectors’ Conference and then developed in his presentation the topic of the Unified Academic Space of Greece - Cyprus.

Briefly, he stated:

"The common goal is for the Greek and Cypriot Higher Education Institutions to become a pillar of development competing with recognised Universities abroad, overcoming existing perceptions, predicaments and competitions and claiming academic leadership and excellence in research, creation and provision of new knowledge.

Also, the creation of an innovative university collaboration by competitive Universities, modern, extroverted and capable of attracting students not only from the Balkans, the Middle East and North Africa, but also from all over the world.

The conditions are now ripe to establish with specific actions the Single Academic Space of Greece and Cyprus, whose benefits will be mutual, long-term and beneficial both for Higher University Education and for the economies and societies of the two countries".



The members of the Cyprus Rectors’ Conference held an urgent online meeting on Thursday 19.03.2020, which resulted in the following unanimous ruling:

1)        The Conference welcomes the full compliance of the Higher Education Institutions with all the emergency measures decided upon and directed by the Republic of Cyprus to address the dangers posed by the coronavirus pandemic to society and the economy.

2)        It is the unwavering intention of the Universities to complete, without delay, the current spring semester 2020, according to the academic calendar 2019-2020 of each university, as it was announced to students at the beginning of the academic year. The Universities, through the Rectors' Conference, reassure their students once more, that their academic path and professional rehabilitation, along with ensuring their health and safety, are their highest priority.

3)        At the same time, Universities have responded to the need to continue providing reliable and quality undergraduate and postgraduate Higher Education, implementing the distance learning process for each Programme of Study, utilizing online and digital tools and techniques. The high quality of education at Cypriot Universities continues to be assured, with the active support and constructive contribution of the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education (CYQAA).

4)        The investments that the Universities have made in recent years in their digital infrastructures, in new innovative technologies, as well as in the development of the excellent educational and administrative staff’s know-how, provide them with the capability to continue their educational mission, while also supporting and empowering the social and economic activity at this difficult time for our country.

5)        The Universities offer at the disposal of the Republic of Cyprus, in addition to maintaining their operational capacity, all available human (academics, technicians and administrative staff), intangible, and material resources  in support of any further measures taken to reduce the impact of the pandemic on the Cypriot people.



Kostas Gouliamos, European University, Rector

George Demosthenous, Frederick University, Rector

Panayiotis Zaphiris, Cyprus University of Technology, Rector (Vice-President of the Rectors’ Conference)

Sokratis Katsikas, Open University of Cyprus, Rector

Philippos Pouyioutas, University of Nicosia, Rector

Panikkos Poutziouris, UCLAN, Rector (Secretary of the Rectors’ Conference)

Pantelis Sklias, Neapolis University Pafos, Rector (President of the Rectors’ Conference)

Tasos Christofides, University of Cyprus, Rector

On Friday, 03.07.2020, the 28th General Assembly of the Cyprus Rectors’ Conference will convene at Neapolis University Pafos, which presides over the Rectors’ Conference.

In addition to the members of the Conference, the honorable Minister of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth Mr. Prodromos Prodromou, and the President of the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education (CYQAA) Professor Mary Koutselini, will participate in the General Assembly.

Among the important issues on the agenda will be the evaluation of the academic operational procedures and those of conducting the academic year’s final examinations, as a consequence of the pandemic crisis. The planning and method of conducting lessons and examinations for the following academic year will also be discussed.

The Chairman of the Rectors Conference of the Cypriot Universities and Rector of the University of Neapolis Pafos, Professor Pantelis Sklias, stated: “This General Assembly of the Rectors Conference marks a new era for Cypriot University Education. It is the first after the pandemic, but also the first to be convened outside the capital of the Republic of Cyprus and in fact, in the city of Pafos. Our goal is both to evaluate the results of the previous effort, but also to plan the next academic year based on academic excellence, quality and respect for health protocols.


"The cooperation of the Cypriot Universities as a catalyst and a guarantee for a substantial presence of Cyprus in the international map of higher education"

The 24th Session of the Cyprus Rectors’ Conference, chaired by the Rector of Frederick University, Professor Giorgos Demosthenous, in the presence of the Minister of Education and Culture, Mr. Kostas Champiaouris, took place on June 14, 2018. The Chair of the Hellenic Universities Rectors Synod, Professor G. Kapsalis, also joined the meeting of CyRC.

The Vice-President of CyRC and Rector of Open University of Cyprus (OUC), Professor Sokratis Katsikas, welcomed the participating Rectors at the 24th Session, which was hosted by OUC.

Among the topics of the agenda, were the cooperation of the Cyprus Academic Libraries Association and the Industry Liaison Offices of the eight universities of Cyprus, the further consolidation of the cooperation of the CyRC with its greek counterpart, the developments in higher education in Greece, as well as, the conclusion of a Memorandum of Understanding between the CyRC with the Russian Rectors' Union.

The Minister for Education and Culture, Mr. Champiaouris, reaffirmed state, government and ministry support in further strengthening higher education. Welcoming the President of the Rectors of the Greek Universities, he expressed the hope of "further developing the cooperation on a bilateral basis with the ultimate goal of strengthening higher education in the Greek-speaking world, but also making Cyprus an international center of education".

In his welcoming address, the President of the Cyprus University Rectors' Conference, Professor Demosthenous, stated that: "the universities of Cyprus are on the same track, offering quality programmes of study, assuring quality and excellence in teaching, and promoting research by producing new knowledge. All the above mentioned, place Cyprus in the international map as an important area, where university education is offered not only to citizens of this country, but also to foreigners through programmes of study offered in other languages, contributing substantially to the development of the country's economy ".

The Chair of the Hellenic Universities Rectors' Synod, Professor G. Kapsalis, thanked the President and the members of the CyRC for the invitation and underlined that "this cooperation of the CyRC and the Hellenic Synod will bring benefits for our universities and society more widely", and invited CyRC members to the upcoming regular Rectors' Session in Greece.

The President of the Republic of Cyprus is invited and will attend the next Rector's Meeting, which is expected to take place in the coming October.


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