"The cooperation of the Cypriot Universities as a catalyst and a guarantee for a substantial presence of Cyprus in the international map of higher education"

The 24th Session of the Cyprus Rectors’ Conference, chaired by the Rector of Frederick University, Professor Giorgos Demosthenous, in the presence of the Minister of Education and Culture, Mr. Kostas Champiaouris, took place on June 14, 2018. The Chair of the Hellenic Universities Rectors Synod, Professor G. Kapsalis, also joined the meeting of CyRC.

The Vice-President of CyRC and Rector of Open University of Cyprus (OUC), Professor Sokratis Katsikas, welcomed the participating Rectors at the 24th Session, which was hosted by OUC.

Among the topics of the agenda, were the cooperation of the Cyprus Academic Libraries Association and the Industry Liaison Offices of the eight universities of Cyprus, the further consolidation of the cooperation of the CyRC with its greek counterpart, the developments in higher education in Greece, as well as, the conclusion of a Memorandum of Understanding between the CyRC with the Russian Rectors' Union.

The Minister for Education and Culture, Mr. Champiaouris, reaffirmed state, government and ministry support in further strengthening higher education. Welcoming the President of the Rectors of the Greek Universities, he expressed the hope of "further developing the cooperation on a bilateral basis with the ultimate goal of strengthening higher education in the Greek-speaking world, but also making Cyprus an international center of education".

In his welcoming address, the President of the Cyprus University Rectors' Conference, Professor Demosthenous, stated that: "the universities of Cyprus are on the same track, offering quality programmes of study, assuring quality and excellence in teaching, and promoting research by producing new knowledge. All the above mentioned, place Cyprus in the international map as an important area, where university education is offered not only to citizens of this country, but also to foreigners through programmes of study offered in other languages, contributing substantially to the development of the country's economy ".

The Chair of the Hellenic Universities Rectors' Synod, Professor G. Kapsalis, thanked the President and the members of the CyRC for the invitation and underlined that "this cooperation of the CyRC and the Hellenic Synod will bring benefits for our universities and society more widely", and invited CyRC members to the upcoming regular Rectors' Session in Greece.

The President of the Republic of Cyprus is invited and will attend the next Rector's Meeting, which is expected to take place in the coming October.


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Philippos Pouyioutas, Professor of Computer Science, has been elected as the new Rector of the University of Nicosia. Prof Pouyioutas is currently the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs and in charge of the accreditation/quality assurance process for the university’s programmes of study. He will take up his new position on 2 April 2016.

Prof Pouyioutas is a graduate of the University of London with a PhD in Object-Oriented Databases.  He taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses at the University of North London (1992-1996) and served as the Director of the BSc programme in Business Information Systems (1993-1996).  He subsequently returned to Cyprus and taught at Intercollege and then the University of Nicosia, mainly in the Computer Science and Multimedia Departments, before becoming Director and Associate Academic Dean of Academic Affairs and chairperson of the Research Committee.

Professor Kostas Gouliamos, Rector of the European University Cyprus, took over as President of the Cyprus Rectors’ Conference (CyRC) on 16 October 2015. He will lead the CyRC until 2017.

Education and Culture Minister Costas Kadis attended today the 20th Conference of Rectors of Cypriot Universities that took place at the European University of Cyprus in Nicosia.

In the framework of the meeting Costas Kadis presented the Ministry`s policies on upgrading and modernizing the educational system, a goal for which the Rectors expressed full support.

Referring to higher education, the Minister explained that the reforms that have been introduced are mainly related to creating an Accreditation and Quality Assurance Institution, providing distance learning programs for soldiers, internationalising Cypriot higher education through promoting Cypriot universities abroad and by signing agreements with other countries for mutual recognition of academic degrees, offering graduate and postgraduate programs by public universities in languages other than the official and promoting distance learning programs through cooperation between the Open University and other Cypriot universities.

The Minister said that the contacts already made with countries such as Qatar, Kuwait and Oman indicate an interest not only in sending students to Cyprus but also in developing common programs and called on the Rectors to act towards this direction.

He also spoke about the next moves in education, which will include countries such as China and Russia. In the case of Russia, he noted that he will pay a visit to the country in April and that most probably a mutual recognition of academic degrees agreement will be signed. He encouraged the Rectors to participate in the educational fair that will take place during his visit to Russia.

Costas Kadis underlined that according to information provided to him by the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Cyprus there is a vivid interest in Russia for studies in Cyprus.

From his part the newly appointed Chairman of the Rectors' Conference, European University`s Rector Kostas Gouliamos said that the Conference supports Ministry efforts to upgrade and modernise the educational system.

“Having common goals, we can collectively create our future by investing in knowledge as a model for development, but also to the dynamics and capacity of the academic society” he stressed, underlining that Cyprus has a good record in quality standards and excellence, which if methodically and systematically handled may turn Cyprus into a destination for international students.


Cyprus News Agency Press Release, January 22, 2016

The Academic Community of Paphos together with Paphos officials welcomed the new Rector of Neapolis University professor Spyros Makridakis and expressed their congratulations and gratitude for taking on such significant duties. Dr. Makridakis was wished every success in this important and at the same time challenging role.

Dr. Makridakis was born studied in Piraeus. He attained a MBA and PhD in Business Administration at New York University in the late 1960s. During his academic tenure he served as a professor in prestigious universities in Europe and the United States of America as well as chairman in large organizations and as a researcher. He has written numerous articles in highly regarded academic journals and 25 books for which he has received many distinctions and honours.

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